LightDeck Diagnostics

We believe in a new approach to healthcare, where lab-quality, rapid diagnostic tests are run wherever and whenever they are needed.


Speed without compromise.

LightDeck Product Platform 

The LightDeck platform is built on advanced planar waveguide technology that uses inexpensive, disposable test cartridges and a portable analyzer. The platform delivers lab-quality results in minutes with a simple workflow. Welcome to the ‘test anywhere’ world!

Latest News

MBio Diagnostics Announces Rebrand to LightDeck Diagnostics

Reflects Commitment to Its Innovative Waveguide Platform

MBio Receives Two Awards for Test HAB Menu Expansion

Expanded toxin testing to improve the safety of water and food supply

MBio Named a Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

Award acknowledges MBio as a growing innovator in the region.

MBio Announces CDC Contract for Legionella Test

CDC funds Legionella test development on LightDeck platform

MBio Diagnostics and Brava Diagnostics Merge

LightDeck® platform innovators join with diagnostics industry veterans

LightDeck Diagnostics

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