LightDeck Product Platform

The LightDeck platform enables lab-quality, quantitative, on-the-spot results. The test procedure is simple enough that an untrained user can generate results almost anywhere, in as little as 5 minutes. Disposable test cartridges can run multiple tests simultaneously to help diagnosis or rule-out a specific condition. 

Quality Equal to the Central Lab

Delivers precise results at very low concentrations 

Quick Answers, Simple Procedure

Results in minutes using a simple “load-and-go” workflow


More data to guide better informed decisions


Run dozens of parallel assays in one cartridge

Planar Waveguide Technology

Enables Whole Blood Analysis

  • Evanescent field illumination reduces interference from cells and unbound fluorophores
  • Tune laser emission to minimize absorbance and autofluorescence associated with hemolysis
  • Low-cost imaging system detects very low concentrations

Multiplex Analysis

  • Replicates improve precision and test reliability.
  • Built-in positive and negative quality controls improve safety.

LightDeck Diagnostics

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