Our Technology

The LightDeck platform is built on advanced planar waveguide technology that uses inexpensive, disposable test cartridges and a portable analyzer.

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Our Technology

Our technology enables lab‑quality, quantitative, on‑the‑spot results.

  • Quantitative

    Quantitative, reproducible, and highly sensitive

  • Speed

    Results in as little as 5 minutes

  • Simple

    Just add sample and walk away

  • Low cost

    Elegantly simple and scalable design

  • Multiplex

    Dozens of tests possible on a single cartridge

How our technology works


Planar Waveguide Technology

Enables Whole Blood Analysis

  • Evanescent field illumination reduces interference from cells and unbound fluorophores
  • The laser’s emission is tuned to minimize absorbance and auto-fluorescence associated with hemolysis
  • High-sensitivity imaging system detects very low concentrations

Multiplex Analysis

  • Replicates improve precision and test reliability
  • Built-in positive and negative quality controls


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