LightDeck Diagnostics has an exclusive partnership with Heska Corporation in veterinary diagnostics.

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Simple Procedure, Immediate Diagnostic Information

Small Sample Size

Only 100 µL volume of serum or lithium heparin plasma required.

Efficient Data Management

Simple retrieval and sorting of previous patient results, with comprehensive reports including results from multiple analyzers (Chemistry, Hematology, Immuno, etc.)

Convenient Cartridge

Fully self-contained microfluidic cartridge makes testing simple.

Veterinary Diagnostics

LightDeck Diagnostics has an exclusive partnership with Heska Corporation in veterinary diagnostics. Heska provides cutting-edge products to veterinarians through innovation, invention, and strategic partnerships with worldwide leaders in diagnostics and treatments.

LightDeck Diagnostics and Heska are collaborating to develop the next generation of rapid, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostics for companion animals. We will develop a menu of tests for animal health and wellness and assays to diagnose vector-borne diseases and parasites for clinics to animal hospital labs.

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Partner with us

Heska is just one example of a successful partnership. We collaborate with industry, government and academia to develop multiplex assays for the LightDeck platform to deliver lab-quality, quantitative results in minutes.