Host Response

We are developing point-of-care, multiplex tests for host-response biomarkers in blood.
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Sepsis facts


Affects 30 million people, 6 million deaths annually.
*Source: Sepsis Alliance

Speed matters

Sepsis can progress rapidly and can be fatal. Each hour of delay in giving antibiotics increases risk of death by 7%.
*Source: Sepsis Alliance

High cost

Costs $27 billion annually in the U.S.
*Source: Sepsis Alliance

Host-Response Diagnostics

Host-response biomarkers are associated with inflammation and can be measured early in acute infection. Research indicates that certain combinations of these biomarkers may be prognostic for cytokine storm, which is an out-of-control immune response that is and associated with bad outcomes in COVID-19 and sepsis. Our panels will provide rapid results that may give insights about immune response, may help inform treatment decisions and may direct resource allocation in a crisis.

Utility of Host-Response Panels

Information Provided
Differentiate between infectious vs. non-infectious etiology
Where the patient is on the disease continuum: low-risk to cytokine storm?
Assess response to treatment

Regulatory Disclaimer

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