COVID-19 Antibody

The LightDeck COVID-19 Total Antibody Test detects antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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How it works

Simple procedure.
Results in 5 minutes.

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Results in 5 minutes

Lab-Quality Performance

  • Sensitivity = 98.2%

    Sensitivity, or positive percent agreement (PPA), describes how well an assay correctly detects antibodies when the sample is positive. The LightDeck COVID-19 Total Antibody Test detected 56 of 57 positive samples.

  • Specificity = 99.4%

    Specificity, or negative percent agreement (NPA), was evaluated in a study with 320 samples. This high NPA leads to low false positive rates, allowing clinicians to deliver highly accurate results about immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Summary Statistics

MeasurePoint Estimate95% CL
Sensitivity (PPA)98.2% (56/57)(90.7% – 99.8%)
Specificity (NPA)99.4% (318/320)(97.8% – 99.8%)
Positive Predictive Value†89.6%(76.5% – 100.0%)*
Negative Predictive Value†99.9%(99.7% – 100.0%)*
Calculated based on 5% prevalence
* Variance of predictors calculated using the delta method

Critical Role of Antibody Testing

Determine past infection

Identify whether a person had been infected by SARS-CoV-2 and mounted an immune response.

Assess seroprevalence

Test for antibodies to determine the percentage of people in a community had a prior infection.

Assess immune response

Help identify adaptive immune response.

Testing in Hot Spots

  • Hospitals

    Doctors, nurses, paraprofessionals

  • Nursing homes, assisted living

    Residents and staff

  • Prisons and jails

    Staff and inmates

  • Essential Workplaces

    Food processing plants and grocery stores

  • Community Testing

    Areas with outbreaks, universities, schools

Regulatory Disclaimers

  • For prescription use only.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only.
  • The LightDeck COVID-19 Total Antibody Test has completed the Section IV.D notification process under FDA’s “Policy for Coronavirus Disease-2019 Tests During the Public Health Emergency (Revised).”
  • For use by laboratories that meet the CLIA requirements for high complexity testing

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