LightDeck Diagnostics Partners with Hach to Deploy 10-Minute Water Quality Tests Nationwide

The deal will commercialize LightDeck’s environmental offering to ensure public safety in drinking, recreational, and agricultural water sources

Boulder, CO. (May 20, 2021) LightDeck Diagnostics today announced its partnership with Hach, a global leader in water quality analysis and a subsidiary of Danaher, to scale its proprietary environmental offering. As part of the commercial agreement, Hach will sell LightDeck’s Gen 2 Microcystin/Cylindrospermopsin test, which simultaneously detects two of the most common toxins generated by harmful blooms. The partnership aims to bring rapid, lab-quality, and accessible water testing to drinking, recreational, and agricultural water resources across the United States.

Cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (CHABs) have become more frequent and intense over the past few decades due to a warming climate and anthropogenically enhanced nutrient loading in freshwater systems. Just last summer, Oregon, Florida, the Great Lakes Region, and upstate New York all reported drinking and recreational water emergencies due to CHABs and microcystins (MC) occurring in those regions. Since toxin profiles change spatially and temporally, there is a significant need for rapid tests to provide real-time, local answers.

“Technicians can use the LightDeck MINI Algal Toxins Testing System to definitely know whether their water source has been contaminated by a Harmful Algal Bloom,” states Chris Myatt, CEO of LightDeck. “The device is one-of-a-kind on the market and our partnership with Hach will ensure that we can offer this solution to communities and organizations far and wide.”

Leveraging LightDeck’s proprietary planar waveguide technology, the company’s ultra-rapid test reduces the time and cost associated with collecting critical data. With multiplexing capabilities, the platform ensures that microcystin and cylindrospermopsin are always monitored simultaneously, thereby increasing the likelihood of detecting unexpected toxins and improving human safety.

“At Hach, we strive to offer our customers the most innovative technology to improve water quality. We’re thrilled to partner with LightDeck Diagnostics to deliver on this shared mission,” says Jeff Stock, VP of Marketing at Hach. “The LightDeck MINI analyzer and associated tests have the potential to transform how our customers monitor for harmful algae blooms.”

The partnership is the latest move from LightDeck on the environmental test front. Last year, LightDeck secured a $1.8 million, two-three year grant from NOAA/NCCOS PCMHAB to expand its HAB Toxin System test menu. In addition to water quality tests, the LightDeck platform can also test for both human and veterinary health concerns – from sepsis to COVID-19.

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