LightDeck Diagnostics is developing point-of-care, multiplex tests for host-response biomarkers in blood. Host-response biomarkers can be measured early in acute infection. Research indicates that certain combinations of these biomarkers may be prognostic for cytokine storm and associated bad outcomes in COVID-19 and sepsis. Our panels will provide rapid results that may give insights about immune response, help inform treatment decisions and direct resource allocation in a crisis.

Sepsis Facts


Affects 30 million people, 6 million deaths annually.

Speed matters

Sepsis can progress rapidly and can be fatal. Each hour of delay in giving antibiotics increases risk of death by 7%

High cost

Costs $27 billion annually in the U.S.

Clinical Utility of Host-Response Panels

Intended UseAction
Diagnosis: Differentiate between infectious vs. non-infectious etiologyDetermine the need for broad spectrum antibiotics vs. COVID-19 intervention vs. non-infectious intervention
Staging: Where the patient is on the disease continuum: low-risk to cytokine storm?Guide aggressiveness of treatment and resource allocation for optimal outcomes at lower cost
Monitoring: Assess response to treatmentCan antibiotics be de-escalated? Should treatment be more aggressive?

Products are under development and not available for sale.

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